Covering Black Catholic experience, history, and futures.


  • WPI's "Peter's Field Hospital" podcast

  • Efran Menny's "Saintly Witnesses" podcast

  • Bryce Taylor's "Convertigo" podcast

  • David L. Gray's "Talking Catholic" podcast

  • H. E. Negash's "Philosophy of Art and Science" (POAAS) podcast

  • Solidarity Hall's "Dorothy's Place" podcast.

  • Bible Over Brews podcast.

  • William Hemsworth's "Know the faith. Defend the faith" podcast.

  • Lorna DesRoses' "Voices from the Pews" podcast.


  • Bay Area California Chinese Catholic Living Camp (CACCLC)'s 2020 virtual retreat

  • New City Press' "#DareToCare" webinar series

  • Commonweal's "The Weal" Synodality webinar

  • National Religious Vocation Conference 2022 "Religious Life Today" webinar with young entrants.

  • 2022 Black Catholic Joint Conference young adults panel